Welcome to my website.

This site concerns both my writing and artwork over a period of forty five years. I no longer show my techno-surrealist artwork in galleries and exhibitions now preferring to present my work, if at all, on the web and in academic journals.

Postmodernism has attempted to destroy the sublime and the numinous. The new art and poetics in this post postmodern era must help restore our abandoned metaphysical and spiritual modes of being. This art also now in the postdigital age must re-humanise the technology of the digital. We need to embrace sustainability and re-envisage the "mysterium, temendum et fascinans", if we do not, humanity as we know it is finished!

I am currently drawing, editing a number of literary anthologies, writing reviews of selected books, and working on my own writing.


                                                                          Wonder Rat


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my email contact ... harle@robharle.com
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